Rabu, 02 Mei 2018

Random Thoughts

"Aku ingin memahami bagaimana rasanya menjadi matamu, lalu mengerti apa yang kau rasakan saat menatapku" -Boy Candra.

It is funny remembering 2 months ago you're completely a stranger to me. And I am, too, to you.
And today I hardly remember days before you, how could I lived in the last 18 years, in this cruel world, without you?
I passed those pain. Even it made me almost giving up on life, gladly I'm not. And then, there were you. I used to think, I should met you earlier. Forever seems not enought. But then I realized, maybe you won't be this precious if I met you earlier. So, you know, I am grateful.
You accept my flaws, you accept my past, even the worst part, you accept me for who I am.
And I am here, grateful, and can't say anything but thank you for loving me and being there for me.

Coba kamu bisa lihat gimana aku lihat kamu, pasti kamu seneng.
Aku seneng orang-orang ga ada yang lihat kamu pake mata aku, soalnya nanti semua orang jadi jatuh cinta juga ke kamuuu. Hahahaha.

Don't you dare to go anywhere, ya, Risky?