Rabu, 07 Februari 2018

I Need To Be Happier

I am not happy.
You are the pain that I need to let go, as soon as possible.
This relationship is toxic.

I need to be happier
I need to focus on my goals and my dreams
I need to focus, only on me...

I tolerated anything, anything you did to me.
But today is different, I really feel so exhausted.
I feel so terrible
It hurts until I can not breathe

I know, this is one of the risks that I'm willing to take because I love you
I love you until I let you made me so sad like everyday and everyday and I'm okay with this
I love you until I let you made me feel so awful
I love you until I let this thing consumes me
I love you, more and more, everyday, if its possible to love someone that much.
I am hopelessly undoubtedly unconditionally in love with you
But I really need to let you go...

Malang, Feb 7th 2018
You know I love you